Back to Work.

2nd October 2017.

So it’s a back to work today after a busy Saturday fundraising outside of pets @ home in Cramlington for WRUK. Followed by a lazy Sunday snuggling with our lot (while trying to ignore the horrid teenagers in the house of course).

We are still working on the cat versus dog scenario and are getting there. Pig is of course above all the lesser species (dog that is) and very much feels it is the dogs that need to make the effort with him.

Maggie is bffs with Pig as they have been together since she has been a pup and doesn’t see what the problem is at all. However, the problem is Pig to Maggie means excitement. Which isn’t great when introducing new dogs as you need it to be calm as possible.

The other little hitch is the dogs are terriers and love the chase. Now don’t get me wrong when Willie first came to us, we couldn’t have them anywhere near each other, whereas now we can have doors open and even supervised snuggles (il get my husband to post some pics). Pig and Willie were even nose to nose yesterday (while we watched closely from the sidelines) and what did Willie do. He licked Pig on the nose and ran back to us wagging his tail, poor Pig didn’t know what to do!

Rosie, well Rosie still doesn’t know what to make of Pig, sometimes she ignores him and doesnt give a hoot and some days it’s like having Tom & Jerry in the house.

The most amazing thing though, my husband Colin Luke-Green has made a invisible line, that the dogs are not allowed to go past on the perimeter of Pigs space… You wouldn’t believe it but it actually works, the dogs won’t pass it unless invited 😲😮 Amazing!
Don’t know how he does it!!

I’m telling you, he’s the ginga ninga version of Ceaser Milan 😎


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