Poorly Baby.

3rd October 2017.

Lovely Rosie isn’t feeling too well today.

You can’t really blame her when she has off days at the good olde age of 12 years (68 In people years). Especially when she had a multitude of ailments such as; Cushing, bronchitis, onset of Westie Lung, enlarged heart and IBS.

Today though, I think it her IBS that’s playing up as her tummy is bubbling, grumbling and moving around like an alien in there.
She’s had all her medication today too bless, so it’s lots of cuddles, a warm place to sleep, a relaxed walk and some light nibbles until she feels better.

We’ve not had Rosie long, as she started of as a foster dog In our home after being rescued but we fell madly in love with her. We really really wanted to make her senior years all thing things her previous years were not (and it just felt like the right thing to do). So here she is with us, Maggie, Willie (who’s also a rescue) and Pig (our cat). Loving and living it up.


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