Eight Previous Names…

4th October 2017.

So late last night we eventually got a spare five minutes inbetween work, kids, dog walks and dog cuddles to officially change ownership and the name of Rosie (she was originally Maisie). Bless when we went to change her details, her records showed details of 8 previous names…8!

When getting a rescue dog you sometimes are not always able to retrieve their past details. This is the case with Maisie, it is believed she was surrendered by her owner due to ‘not fitting into the home’. Although on vetinary checks it was discovered she was in poor condition with untreated Cushing disease and bad teeth. She also showed tell tail signs of being physically abused.

The charity spent alot of Love, time, care and monataries to help rehabilitate her, so she would be able to go into a foster home, ready for the adoption process. We are very proud to say we adopted Rosie and she is now officially a member of our family. We are also very grateful to the charity for helping her both emotionally and physically so she can be with us.

So she has her last forever name ‘Rosie (Rosie Posy) 😍. Why you are asking, why change her name? It is just something we like to do, as a rescue dog we like to not only change their name but also the commands we use. Why? Well you just don’t know what a rescue dog has experienced. Come here may mean, come her and get wrong, so we use this way. Their name may have been used to discipline them in past home, so we change that too.

To be honest we don’t have alot of verbal commands for our dogs. We mainly use; this way and leave it, sit and wait. The rest are gutteral noises or finger/hand commands. This being said we are not ‘judgy’ just because that’s how we do it doesn’t mean you should, and if you do something different that’s great too, as we are all unique and what works for one won’t necessarily work for another 😄


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