Willie’s Home.

5th October 2017.

Well I think it’s pretty apparent Willie (Alfie) has settled in. He’s completely at home and is fully integrated into the family (certainly it feels like he’s always been here.) Willie has always been full of character and sass and he still is, his funny ways and noises still make us giggle.

So what’s the biggest change we have noticed, well Willie is not ‘as rough round the edges now’. He’s a big softy, who loves his cuddles and is totally devoted to us. He is so laid back and confident.

To the point we have a little game called ‘I’ll watch you’pick up all the toys and then tip them out all over the house again when you are finished’. Whinging about the mess the mess aside, it’s great to see Willie playing with toys (even though hes a toy murderer, spilling stuffing and guts everywhere). He especially likes squeaky toys, which we often have to hide from him as he’s obsessed with them. So much so last week he got stuck head first in the toy bucket…

The little monster sat and watched me trying to hide his ‘squeaker’ at the bottom of his toy bucket and as soon as I was out of sight went looking for it. Head first, on a mission, like demons were chasing him. Well Willie has short legs and the bucket is deep… yep he got stuck in the bucket arse over head. How did he get out? He rocked it side to side and tipped it, so he could walk out backwards lol (He got the toy though!)

This is Willie feeling very pleased with himself, but watching where I’m hiding that darn squeaky toy!


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