6th October 2017.

Maggie and Willie have been out and about with the Lovely @Mutlins Northumberland today. Not that we need a dog walker as we are quite active with our dogs anyway. More because we want the dogs to build up a good relationship with Mutlins as they also do dog boarding (in a home setting) as well as walking. Should we ever need it.

Plus it’s a great way to socialise the dogs. I mean come on, who would of thought ‘Wild Willie’ would be able to socialise with other males in a pack in a socially acceptable way when we first got him and just look at him now.

Little Rosie doesnt go on these robust pack walks, not because she can’t (as she is just as spritely as Maggie & Willie) but because the vet recommended she stay relatively calm due to her heart and breathing. That’s fine though it gives us some quality 1:1 time with her. Which works out great as my husband and I are lucky enough to work shifts, meaning the dogs are only alone for a max of 30 mins as we change over, so someone is always here for walks, walks, cuddles and walks  😍



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