The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Westies.

7th October 2017

🎼The Hills are alive  with the sound of Westies 🎶

Haha! (I’m easy pleased okay 😉)… So this morning I think the westie trio have got out of the wrong side of bed. 
Rosie is a grumpy old lady.

Willie is a gruffalo.

And Maggie is a proper wind up merchant… So either they did get out the wrong side of bed or it’s because it’s windy, but it’s nothing a good long walk cannot fix. Just look at the smiles of the pooches as they are running about enjoying life.

Have their moods improved as we have got home? Of course they have, they are exercised, fed, watered and loved.
So we are off for morning cuddles (and the dogs 2nd sleep). 🐕Have a happy Saturday 🐕

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