Birthday Cake.

7th October 2017

It’s been an exciting day today. Its was our Grandsons birthday party (He’s 3 tomorrow). So we’ve been blowing out candles and watching the children going nuts on bouncy castles and slides.

I think you forget when your children are older, how tiring young children can be. As the never seem to slow down or stop (or maybe we’re just old). I do know my husband and I were tired just watching them, but our grandson had a great time and that’s all that matters.

The dogs and Pig though, you would think we had left them behind, locked away in a dungeon to starve to death for months, not for one and half hours. Actually they were not even left alone as our son (who’s 18 and too cool for 3yr parties) stayed home with them.

But we are talking about Westies and a high maintenance cat here… Talk about being in a huff and holding grudges. Well apart from Rosie (who had a little excited tiddle on the floor when we got home, bless.) Anyway they made us feel so guilty with their judgy eyes and backs faced to us we had to try and consolidate them.

So after we had fed Pig practically a full packet of honey ham,  off we headed to the woods with the three white dogs. Now it’s coming to that time of year when we swap the woodland walks and fields for the beach. White Dogs and wet weather can be abit erm…messy when walking on woodland paths. However we braved it today, for our white bundles of joy and they did not disappoint. Straight into all the muddy, wet, claggy puddles they went.Little legs in belly deep! 

And we are so keen to regain brownie points after being accused of abandoning them, we have not even bathed them, for the worry of offending the again. Which maybe we should of, cos they stink! 

But tomorrow is a new day😉

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