2017 Memory Jar.

9th October 2017.

Right, shake it off and move on, as my mum would say.

After losing my mum suddenly and having to experience both mine and my younger sisters life come crashing down around us I can definately say and whole heartedly agree that; ‘Life is too short’

Our 2017 jar is filling up with all those special moments we have had so far, new friends including doggy friends like Baxter, Paddy, Tootsie, Willie, Rosie, Gizmo, Harry, Skye. Helicopter rides with the sisters, new babies, Harry potter world and much, much more. Even volunteering for WRUK is in there.

The diets gone to pot this week as I’ve probably inhaled a months worth of ‘wine and chocolate calories’ but hey ‘life’s too short’. So shout out to the dogs who as your ‘can’t be arsed bucket’ gets larger as you get older are still there to make life that little bit better. That little bit easier to cope. Your life line when people disappoint.

Let’s be more dog!


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