Bad Hair Day.

9th October 2017.

The worst nights sleep ever. Was going to say worst bad hair day ever too but I think Willie as won that one…

So don’t shoot me down but as sleep evaded me last night I got thinking about Christmas. I know urgh you are thinking. Every year we donate to a charity around about Christmas time. Last year we donated to Tiddlywinkles Hedgehog charity (in memory of my mum) and Shak a local charity for big dogs. The year before it was the donkey sanctuary etc etc.

We also like to donate through the year, as monies allow and in addition to the donations we have given through gift aid to WRUK we have also gifted through amazons wishlist to buy and donate to skiathos dog shelter and Jerry Green Dog Rescue.

So back to Christmas, do you have a go to charity or favoured group? Who would you recommend or put forward for our annual Christmas donation (as we don’t send cards as Colin believes in saving the trees). It does not have to be an animal charity. Certainly over the years we have donated to cancer research, Macmillan, heart foundation and stroke awareness. We just felt that these kind of charities got alot of support and public media whereas animal charities, especially small or local ones get lost in the ethernet.

So, Yeah, we mentioned Christmas in October, are we forgiven?



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