World Mental Health Day.

10th October 2017.

Today Is World mental health day. I think in this day and age and certainly with social media we have all either suffered, known, supported or heard of someone with a mental health condition.

Definately, with working in a primary setting, I see more and more children at younger and younger ages showing or suffering from this illness.

However, on a more personal level. My husband and myself have in the past and do support and care for family members who suffer from mental health conditions. This in turn has at times impacted on our own mental health.

Mental health is so fragile, it just takes a unkind word, a loss of a family member, financial stress and much more. Nobody could predict the many triggers or indeed the coping mechanisms of each individual.

Our life savers, talking, always talking. We talk to our children about anything and everything. We cry, we hug. We listen, we always keep our door open and we know the door is always open for us.

The dogs, never underestimate the healing power of the love of an animal. Personally I think if more animals were used to support mental health the world could be a better place.


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