Funny Olde Day.

12th October 2017.

Funny old day today.

Willie is on a right one huffing and puffing around (I think he’s a been bit frustrated). The husband has had a busy day at work today so the walks have not been as long and often as the gang normally get.

We have also had to cancel our dog walker tomorrow as poor Maggie has a slight limp. Dont worry we’ve checked her over thoroughly, no thorns in pads, lumps or bruises. So it looks like she may have pulled a muscle yesterday, running around the field, like an idiot!

Then there Rosie, who just wants to sleep today, she’s obviously having a ‘lazy day’ and just can’t be bothered. So we really do feel today that we are living with the three stooges.
Thank goodness for bedtime and dog farts and snoring (NOT!)

Thank goodness it is Friday tomorrow, phew!


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