Total Ejjit.

13th October 2017

So we’ve had a nice, slow, quiet, leisurely walk through the fields. As Maggie has been limping a little (we suspect she’s pulled a muscle). Ha, nope, didn’t happen!

Nice, slow, quiet, leisurely walk, my bum… Maggie been a total ejjitt. You’d think she was a wound up toy. Think spring lambs, leaping around a spring field, hopping about and having fun. Yeah, you got the lovely picture… Times is by 100, stick a leather biker jacket on it, cover it with tattoos and give it a Mohegan!  She was a complete hooligan. I even lost her at one point, as she disappeared down a bog hole (because she was hare arseing around and not paying attention). Willie & Rosie, looked on mortified to be in the company of this raging lunatic, even trying to fake knowledge they knew her (as she was obviously destroying their street cred). Any other dog walker watching us would of thought we were bonkers. Thankfully we didn’t bump into anyone, people or dog wise, so didn’t need to constantly apologise or make excuses of why we had a Tasmanian devil as a family pet.
Thanks Maggie, I love you and all that, but chill girl, chill

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