Saturdays Are For The Beach.

14th October 2017

Lazy Saturday’s, not on your life, we have westies you know! 

Weekends are for pampering and spoiling them. Including giving them your undivided attention (according to the westie handbook, written by westies of course!) There goes our social life you’re thinking… nah we still have a social life, we’ve just had to change it a little to make it westie friendly.

So this morning, we met friends and took over the beach (Yes I got the wrong beach and location but I got to the right beach eventually) Thus the westie take over began whoaarrraahhh (evil laugh). So five people’s, seven westies, several pockets of treats and a mass of poop bags, off we went.  We had a whale of the time. The dogs behaved impeccably, which sadly I cannot say the same for all the people (solely my husband Colin Luke-Green, who just threw a barrage of Willie jokes at people all morning. You know the ones; stroke my Willie, cuddle my Willie, my Willie likes you and on and on 😫😳😦). We had a swimmer in the pack, who not only chose to go for a full on swim but chose to do it in a stagnant sea lake, rather than the fresh sea. Yuck! (bet she’s in the bath Right now, stinker.) We of course laughed our heads off and thought this was hilarious (because it wasn’t one of ours haha!). We even stopped for coffee and bacon sandwiches at the end of our walk. A great time was had by all and we certainly would love to do it again. It was a lovely relaxing walk with good company and if you are local to us or know someone local to you, I would definately say go for it. Meet up with the dogs, walk, coffee and socialise not only is it great for the dogs its great for people.
So thank you for the company, sorry for the ‘Willie’ banter and we’d love to do it again sometime. 
All the dogs are pooped and snoring their heads off, as is the husband (who mocked me when I mentioned a nana nap earlier). Lastly, what’s Pig been up too? Nothing, nowt, naff all… He stayed at home and slept all morning lol.

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