Lazy Mornings.

15th October 2017

So it seems nobody wants to get out of bed this morning… That is until the scrambled eggs for breakfast comes out but we took that to bed too.

So breakfast in bed for two people’s and three white dogs. Willie as normal just inhaled his breakfast in one deep breath. While Maggie and Rosie took demure mouthfuls and were all lady like, taking their time, savouring the flavour. This however, meant Willie finished well before the girls and sat drooling, watching them eat their breakfast (not the most pleasant sight, first thing in the morning). Willie has learnt (the hard way) that it is not okay to quickly inhale his food and try to muscle into the girls food, like a caveman. Actually Willie has taken quite well to being ‘hen pecked’. Although I will give him 10/10 for trying to be the boss of his hareem. He has learnt that the girls food is theirs and good on to the girls for having stood their ground. 
Now Willie is by no means ‘starving’ or ‘starved’ quite the opposite actually as we observed yesterday when we tried to get his harness fastened about his mid-drift (which has obviously expanded). This is great as Willie was slightly under weight, so having to extend his harness outwards is a good sign. 

This takes us to Willies eating habits. We can only assume Willies table manners and Neanderthal eating traits come from living on the streets. Certainly we have not found anything he won’t eat and he wouldn’t dream of leaving any food.

The girls, however, are the total opposite, when they are full they will walk away from food, (which Willie gets extremely excited about.) The girls are also ‘picky princesses’ although, It is more difficult with Rosie as she has special dietary needs due to her Cushing disease, so she does eat the same as Maggie and Willie but this does not phase Willie at all when he is on ‘clean up mode’. Now we called our cat Pig because he was a ‘Pig’ in his younger years. He was known to tackle large frozen joints defrosting in the kitchen, devour full loafs of bread through the packet, steal bags of wotsits off children and the likes. Hence the name Pig (which started as a nickname and stuck) but Willie could easily compete for the name…

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