The Grumps.

15th October 2017

So for the most of today the husband has been outside with his ‘man tools’, I can’t for the life of me think why? (Shakes fork forcefully over head). Anyway win win, really. He’s been out of my hair or hiding from my moodiness (take your pick) while also making some raised dog feeders for the three white dogs bowls. Sanding, sawing, grunting, you know all those manly things. But outside in his man cave.

Yes,when all his man tools broke, he was a tad whingy but nothing that a chocolate biscuit thrown at his head couldn’t fix and the dogs bowl stands are very impressive and just need finishing off with a bit wax (I’m not allowed to post pics as they are not perfect for Mr Perfect yet). Anyway the rest of the day has slowly floated by, peacefully, as the kids are in a huff with me too. So it was relaxing dogs walks and snuggles. Well that is until this evening.

This evening we have had our pooches out to the beach for an extra special walk. A walk with… (drum roll) the wonderful Salty Sea Dog Photography 🙉🙈🙊. Mucho excited! 

Willie was a perfect show of showmanship strutting his stuff, following his commands and being generally fabulous. The girls, well, they didn’t really give a hoot!  So one and a half hours later, two pocket fulls of treats and a bag full of puppy cubes  we had photos (although, im pretty sure we’ve given Tom some grey hairs, but he did say he wanted to try working with multiple dogs lol). 

It must of went okay as we all left sane And smiling. So now it’s a waiting game, to see what  wonders @saltyseadogphotography has up his sleeve (I can not wait, no pressure there, sorry Tom). Now you would think the dogs would be pooped after an hour and a half at the beach, running around like hooligans. Wrong! They are having a mad half an hour. I’m tired just watching them.

So quick tea, try and abandon the husband with the washing up (he cooked tea, I hate cooking, got reversed roles here, I think I’m the husband and Colin is the wife 😉). Sneaky Bailey’s and a book, you never know unless you try eh!

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