Salty Sea Dog Photography.

17th October 2017.

He’s done it again @saltyseadogphotography Just look at Maggie (and I thought Maggie was a lost cause, as she was all over the place). Not only did Tom give up an hour and a half of his time to catch beautiful photos of our lot but he is also giving up his time editing them. He took a whopping 500+ photos of Tootsie to edit them down to the dozen or so amazing ones he released so I can only imagine how many he took of our three.

Salty Sea Dog Photography is in its research phase of business, Tom works full time and does his photography in his spare time (does anyone really have spare time with a toddler lol). He uses his own dog Baxter in alot in his practice sessions (also a westie). I would like to argue that he is past the ‘practise’ stage.

Now because Salty Sea Dog Photography is in a research phase, payment was a tricky hurdle for him. He really wanted to practice on multiple dogs (ha think he may have changed his mind there). We did bicker and argued a little over payment of his time, as i was adamant he would be paid for his time, as thats only fair and we did eventually get there.

But here’s a few questions… How much do you think is a fair payment for the professional photography of your dog, don’t forget editing time?

How long do you think sessions should be, don’t forget editing time?

What would you expect to get from the session and price? (Digital copies, hard printed copies etc?) End thoughts, we definately recommend getting professional photos done of your dogs, it’s so much fun. We can not fault Tom on his professionalism and 100% would recommend him 😀


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