Sneaky Snacks.

17th October 2017

Three White Dogs and a Pig have had a busy day today, we’ve had lots of mini visitors, aswell as big ones. This of course means the chances of snagging some people food increases dramatically (As lets face it littlies love dropping and throwing food on the floor and if food hits the floor, it’s hoovered up pretty quick by the gobble gang.)

Not only does extra visitors mean sneaky extra food, it also means lots of excitement and socialization. Now, I don’t know about your furry companions but ours are reet nosey parkers. On a normal work day they would be perfecting their sleeping routine, only waking for walks and food.
No, not when there’s visitors around, they may miss something. A bag of wotsits may be opened without them, a snuggle opportunity to get belly rubs could escape them. Oh the smelling opportunities they could lose out on. The pressure is too much. So they absolutely, totally make sure they are awake throughout the whole visit.
It is very easy to forget though that Rosie and Willie are fairly new additions to the family as they fit in so well.They take the mini visitors in their stride and love all the attention.Don’t get me wrong at twelve years old Rosie does keep a healthy distance from the small, grabby mini humans as does Willie. We are totally happy with that, as with any rescue dog, you can never 100% know what they have been subjected too in their past. Certainly as any responsible dog owners, we always ensure that there is an adult where children and animals are, not just to keep the children safe but to educate them while also protecting the animals too. As all animals should be treated with respect.
I wouldn’t say we are very lucky as luck has nothing to do with it. As far as Rosie and Willie fitting in goes, it has come down to time, patience and training. This is something we work on all the time, a dog that knows boundaries and what is expected from them are happy dogs. This being said everyone has off, forgetful days and dogs are no different.
So what happens when all our visitors leave, well Rosie found the singing donkey. She just didn’t know what to make of that, bless. Did she want to love it, kill it or play with it. Who knew. Needless to say, we left it hidden in the spare room. So what was left. Sleep of course, sleep, catching up on sleep and noisy snoring 💤💤💤
Don’t you just love em 😍😍

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