Stale Dish Cloth Orphans…

18th October 2017.

It’s just aswell the dogs are going for a groom on Friday. The dogs look like raggy little orphans, while also smelling like stale wet dish cloths. I was all pumped up to get the bath running too after taking the troops round the wilderness, through every muddy trench, clouded puddle and knee deep field of sodding wet grass.

Thankfully I checked my planner before I began and whoa and behold a groom is booked on Friday. Now you have to get your moneys worth don’t you and it certainly looks like I will. The horrid damp, moist weather is here to stay until the end of the week. And the three white dogs needs their walks and they adore mud (white dog syndrome perhaps ?) Plus the countless times Willie tripped, stumbled and fell over today was ridiculous. Okay it was half because of his long locks being in his eyes and half because he’s a clumsy clutts, barreling into things without thinking.

Then of course Maggie has to and I mean HAS to do her toilets in the middle if the muddiest filled field she can find. With no worries to what footwear you may be sporting. Then we won’t even get into her need to pee in every puddle she finds, while cocking her leg, like what the?

I’m coming to the conclusion the only sane animals we have are Rosie and Pig. (Wait hold that thought I’ve just caught Pig drinking out of the toilet.) So I’m coming to the conclusion that Rosie is the only sane animal we have, yes she’s a rather noisy trumper and never admits to this. Indeed on one or two occasions her trumps have not actually been trumps but sneaky sharts. Now nobody can blame her for these indiscretions and we tidy them up quickly without any fuss or reprimands. As she is not only a elderly lady but an elderly lady with Cushings and IBS so accidents do happen.

My conclusion is that we are all a little ‘nuts’ here and anybody who says dogs don’t have their own characters are delusional lol. So il leave you with that thought and… Some more photos of the dogs sleeping because what eles would you do after a walk!


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