19th October 2017.

So it’s still moist, wet and kinda dreadful outside. The three white dogs have a groom tomorrow and Rosie is making sure we get our moneys worth. Just look at her face and how pleased she is with herself. Today on our walk we ‘misplaced’ the cheeky Rosie for a few minutes, only to find her having a full on roll in something.

Oh yes it was something, wet, sticky and stinky but there was no way we could of been cross with her, as she just looked so happy and pleased with herself.
Maggie and Willie though refused to walk down wind with her for the rest of the walk. While also throwing regular judgy looks her way. Although this didn’t phase Rosie in the slightest, as she didn’t give a hoot and carried on plodding along happily.

Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said when we got home and began to run in a bath. Whoosh disappearing dog magic. Now when we went to find Rosie I am pretty sure I heard Willie And Maggie snigger at her predicament (once they knew they were in the clear, of course). Thus during the course of her bubbly bath they couldnt help but get their two peneths worth in, watching intently from the sidelines, with judgy looks on queue.

So now we have one, brilliant white, soft, fluffy dog and two yellowish, white, slightly smelly ones (because I want to get my money’s worth tomorrow at (£32 a pop!). The rain is hoying it down outside, which is great, as all the dogs refuse to walk in the rain?!? Which means none of them can get REALLY dirty and smelly, thus non of them will be needing a bath tonight BEFORE the groomers tomorrow …


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