Groom Day.

20th October 2017.

Phew, don’t know if there is something in the air today but wow the dogs have been hard work.

I would of blamed it on a windy day, if it had been windy (as you can bet your socks if it’s a windy day, children and animals are bonkers) but it wasn’t windy today, so who knows.

It was a groom day today though and dog walker day. However, I must admit I was a tad embarrassed when dropping Maggie & Willie off at the groomers because of the state of them. Not only had they ran and rolled in every muddy puddle on the way there. They had obviously been going hell for leather with the dog walker and had been bathing in the dirt.
This meant when I arrived at the groomers, I arrived with one gleaming white dog (Rosie, she doesn’t go out with the dog walker as it’s too much for her.) And two yellow, brownish dogs. It would of been very autumnal too, if it wasn’t for the unpleasant smell that went with them 😕😳. Thankfully the groomer was delighted??? Apparently she loves them “the dirtier the better” as she delights in seeing the change from them arriving and leaving (wish I had took before pictures now). So did I get my money’s worth? Yes I did. Am I happy? Yes I am. Are the dogs happy? No. Are the dogs speaking to me? No, nope, definately not. I abandoned them in a horror house of bubble baths, cuddles, scissors, treats and hair dryers…


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