Rosie Posy.

20th October 2017.

So what eles have we been up to today. We thought we would spend a little quality time with Rosie 1:1 while the worky tickets were out walking with Mutlins Northumberland trying to camouflage that they are indeed are White West Highland Terriers.

So we chose to do Rosies favourite thing, people watching and catching. We were a little mean though as we had to pop into pets at home to collect her prescription from the vet (Rosie has now been officially signed off from WRUK by the vet. Meaning we are now proper ‘grown ups’ with responsibility aka Rosies vet bills 😱😉). We think this is great, I think Rosie does too but it does not stop her from not liking visiting the vets. Not because they are horrid people, quite the opposite actually but Rosie has to go for three monthly bloods. She is kept in while this is done and she is a nervous pooch at the best of times but like an elephant she never forgets.

We did manage to have a little fun in pets at home and try some Halloween hats on Rosie. Rosie was NOT impressed And wouldn’t even look at the camera. So I think dressing up is a no no. So medication collected, Halloween hats left and a super fast scoot out of the vets (Rosies speed) and she pops the tail out from between her legs, wags it and sets the pace to her favourite place Costa coffee… Now there no sitting on the floor for Rosie outside Costa, no. Rosie is a princess and a princess needs a throne (daddies knee) and what better place to fish for attention and people watch!

Rosie was in her element, daddy cuddles and the centre of attention as passing people cooed and fussed over her. Rosie is such a nosey parker and it was lovely to see her, relaxed, happy and enjoying all the attention.
And I think you’ll agree these photographs speak a thousand words 😍


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