Blustery Day.

21st October 2017.

We spent the day at Duridge Bay, Northumberland and what a blustery day it’s been. I mean check out my hair (and Willies haha!) This didn’t mean the beach and lake was quiet, quite the opposite really. It was bustling with people, children, dogs and horses. The three white dogs didn’t bat an eye though and played away together all day.

They ran up and down the dunes, lopped through sea pools left on the sand (we even had some startled moments when the pools were a tad deeper than the pooches originally thought.)
Rosie coped really well with the dune climbing, keeping up with her brother and sister no bother (to be honest she did better than me) but her favourite bit was running back down the dunes at super speed, with Willie and Maggie trying to keep up. At these moments I closed my eyes, terrified that one of them would loose their footing and come tumbling down, like a barrell.

We continued on from the beach to grab a hot chocolate (people not dogs) and carried on exploring around the lake. This was probably not our best idea, changing from the beach to woodland paths. We did have relatively clean dogs up to that point. We will rethink that next time and maybe do the woodland first, then the beach to ‘wash off’. Certainly the inside of the car didn’t thank us, I wonder how much a valet would be?

On the way home Willie took ‘his’ spot in the car (in the middle, stretched over, so his chin can rest on Colin Luke-Green shoulder) big softy he is. Whereas the girls were on their backs, sleeping in seconds. In fact the dogs were so puffed out, we left them at home, snoring their heads off, while we went to see the Christmas lights at our local garden centre. We did take our dad with us (we plonked him in the back, so not so desperate for a valet now.) We did buy him cake and coffee though to make up for his sandy, muddy, white fur covered trousers 😉


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