Willies Bedtime…

21st October 2017

Willie’s bedtime routine (See photos)

1. Hog sofa with dad, while sighing and puffing loudly (to let everyone know I’m tired.) 2. To suck on blankets and pillows (under covers) until I am sufficiently soothed.

3. To sleep as close too, if not on daddy (just incase he abandons me through the night.) No seriously, Willies bedtime routine is super meticulous if not ridiculous… When this dog came to us, he was a super mafia street dog. Found roaming the streets, living off vermen and rubbish by the dog catcher. He was untouchable, unable to trust and practically feral, full of boy hormones, attitude and sass.

Now ppffttt, he’s a big soft pudding. Bedtime proves this. He starts off super mafia boss and independant, not wanting to come to bed with us (even though he has been the one hugging her tired for thirty minutes.) Well until we turn all the lights off that is… Then the crooning starts, he HAS to be not near my husband but touching him. He HAS to be under the covers, wrapped up in our legs, back, stomach, anything he can get near really. This is after he has spent ten minutes suckling the covers, soothing himself like a baby?? Then there is of course when he gets too hot. He doesn’t climb out of bed. He slivers or pours himself out. It’s the funniest thing to see. He supermans himself, on his belly, paws forward and slides out of the side of the bed, out from under the covers (little weirdo). Then runs around to the other side of the bed, gets back  into bed and starts the cycle again!
When he does eventually settle, he exhales deeply and goes into ultra snore mode, which is lovely to watch and listen to as we never thought this would be possible when he first came to us as a foster dog.
And when he is totally settled? He sleeps nose to nose with his daddy 😍 is that love or what!
So my bedtime views… Willies ass mostly!

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