22nd October 2017.

Well today is all about tongues.

Ewh tongues you are thinking… Yep those long, pink, wet things. Well they’ve been everywhere today. Soggy kisses and sneaky pick ups off the floor in pets at home was just the beginning.

It hasn’t just been the tongue though, no the nose hasn’t been far behind. Autumn must be dog heaven for smells and tastes. Now Willie isn’t the most cultured of characters either, meaning he’s not that bothered and doesnt see the harm in sticking his nose in right in a passer bys crotch or bum 😳. How embarrassing. Never thought I’d be apologising for that one!

It happened though and not just once. A few times and it was Willie everytime. The girls were just as horrified as me at his tardiness. It didn’t just stop there mind either… At every opportunity he then bared all. Proper little man tart, he was, not happy at just having his belly rubbed (crude little boy he is today 😜)
He even got his lipstick out for one poor unsuspecting belly rubber. Mortified does not even cover it!

The husband Colin Luke-Green obviously thought today was hilarious and took full advantage of being able to get as many ‘Willy’ puns in as physically possible. Me – I can’t wait until today is over. Embarrassed much. Please let him be better behaved tomorrow (the dog, not Colin, actually scrap that, the both of them!)


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