23rd Octobet 2017

We’ve been enjoying the fresh air today (and it has been fresh.) The dogs have been totally blown away with the change of not only scenery but routine. 

For this is Rosie and Willies first break away with us. Now if you had seen their faces this morning bless. Maggie was in cloud cuckoo land, vibrating with excitement (as she knew as soon as her food bowls went in the car.) Willie and Rosie though looked in total panic (Willie even began to whine and cry at one point.) So I don’t know what they thought, but the look on their faces were somewhere between horror (incase they were going to be abandoned) and terror (because someone might peel their skin off.) This meant the trip in the car was erm, interesting? Willie refused to go to sleep (or even sit) and spent the whole journey standing in the middle. Intently staring out the window, to see if he could figure out what was going on. Rosie, well Rosie did settle and sleep. Right up against Maggie, back to back. But boy did she trump and fart the whole journey. The car fragrance was certainly ‘ripe’.Maggie, she did her usual, upside down beetle position and sleep. 

So did they settle, yep they certainly did. Once we arrived we met up with Grandma & Grandad for lunch. Unpacked the car and explored. We have walked and walked and walked. The dogs have been in their element. This is definitely the best place for dog socialization, we’ve met dozens and dozens of dogs. Off lead and on lead and the pooches have done amazing.

The least amazing thing… the mud. White dogs, with short legs = very muddy, brown dogs. Happy dogs but dirty dog’s. Not a problem though we are the lakes and what have the lakes got loads of?  LAKES! 
nothing like a quick dip in clear fresh water to clean them up (they may have needed a little nudge in mind 😱.) But no harm done, it was only belly deep.

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