The Wee White Lake Monster.

We’ve had a couple of topic title ideas today as the day has gone on.

‘Three White Dogs and a double bed.’

‘The night of the tummy monster.’

‘The white lake monster.’

‘Even dogs get ice cream on holidays.’

I think it would be a bit of a long title though if I put them all together.

So we will go with : 
‘The three white dogs adventures at the Lakes.’
And that’s exactly what it’s been today. It was a ruff start as we all woke up tired and sleep broken. The double bed was small and resulted in a bad game of twister between us all. Certainly both myself and Colin woke up with chilled body parts, as the covers were compromised (as the dogs were sausaged rolled in them, hogging the heat.) 
Then there was the song of poor Rosies tummy last night, as it gurgled and wriggled. Bless she was so uncomfortable, she huffed, puffed and just couldn’t settle. Rosie did get up okay this morning tired but feeling much better. So we can only assume that the change in routine yesterday upset her fragile composition.
Now it rained most of the morning, which was fine as it gave us all a chance to have a lazy morning and recuperate from last night. Thankfully though the rain dried up after lunch, so we grabbed the opportunity to get ourselves out to explore. 
This is where we came across the ‘white lake monster’. Now we’ve all heard the stories such as Loch Ness and the rumours of other such mysteries in the deep. Keswick is no different.
So while minding our own business, gently wandering along the shore line, we saw it…
It leapt out from around the corner of the bay, frantically swimming towards us. Lurching awkwardly, with deep, mesmerising eyes and pounced towards my husband, mouth open, tongue out and…
Began to lick him to submission. It was of course Willie. Who had decided he fancied a dip. Now I would give him 10/10 for going for this swim as the water was Baltic. Actually it was so cold the girls wouldn’t even dip their toes in it!  Willie did not stop there though, he stayed in the water, playing fetch the rock for about ten minutes (brrrrrrr us all I can say.)
When we did eventually get him out of the water (Willie looking rather pleased with himself.) We heading back to the cottage to get the fire going. We did stop off and get some frozzy dog ice creams, as lets face it the dogs are on hollibobs too and what’s a holiday without ice cream!
So what we doing now, sleeping by the fire of course (as close to the fire as they can get. Fighting over butt space between themselves.) Willie won however, because his bottom is rotten.

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