Swans, Ducks, Geese And Chickens!

Today we put our adventure boots on. After we had to motivated Willie as he was in for a lazy day, refusing to leave the window sill. So after a good hard talking to (and ham, lots of ham) we set off.
Windermere here we come…

Willie didn’t feel as excited as us in the car, huffing and snorting through his nose at us. Refusing to lie down or sit for that matter (the girls as normal were out for the count!)

Anyway for the next forty minutes in the car, we had to endure Willies moody wrath, that was until we arrived and he decided it was maybe not so bad after all.

And Windermere was beautiful, we did hit a few snags though, courtesy of little Maggie. Yes Maggie was a bag of horrors today. Talk about teenage brain farts. My goodness she had me round the twist. Maggie is usually picture perfect, her manners and commands spot on (well other than ‘sit’ she doesn’t do sit?!?) And walking off the lead, well she’s a dream boat.

Ha! It started with the first off lead walk, lead removed, shenanigans started, normally she won’t leave my side and recalls straight away. No, nope, not a chance. Within five minutes she was off like a rocket, round the corner and through the fence, like a bat out of hell…

Chickens… OMG Maggie is a chicken chaser 😱

Who would of known? Just off the woodland path, hidden in the trees was a house, with free range chickens running about. God, she must have super sonic hearing or a hound dogs nose because neither of us had any inkling of chickens. Anyway to cut it short, picture this. Colin standing at the gate with Willie and Rosie, with a horrified look on his face. Then there was me and the owner of the chickens, chasing this manic white dog around the garden, diving and yelling and throwing treats at Maggie’s head in the hope she would bloody well listen! I can confirm, we DID catch her (cowbag) and NO chickens were hurt or caught during this episode.

So Maggie has spent the whole day on the lead.

The rest of the day, well its Windermere, on a lake with… Swans, ducks, geese and the likes. Now theres abit of a difference between a chicken and a swan. The three white dogs were all very interested in these large noisy birds but VERY quickly decided it was an adventure they were not so keen to continue with (specially when the hissing started.)

Now although there was the bird indiscretion, I cannot fault any of the dogs on their manners or behaviours when it came to people and other dogs. Windermere was jam packed with not only two legged people but also their with four legged counterparts.

I was especially proud of Maggie and how she dealt with a disabled child. She was totally relaxed, even with the child’s sporadic movements and loud uncoordinated noises. Maggie interacted beautifully, kissing and cuddling the child and letting the child pet her. She took it in her stride and the parents of the child were very touched too. Willie sat back observing, but chilled (as he’s not interested in anyone apart from his dad and food, food is always up there). Rosie was not so relaxed, she’s a nervous girl at the best of times, so she was just happy sitting back out of the way with her dad and Willie. So I think it’s safe to say Maggie redeemed herself.

We ended the day on a nice note, with Mr Whippy ice cream, stupidly I though it would be nice to share what I had left of my ice cream with the dogs. How wrong I was, Willie (the pig) ate it in a single bite, the girls didn’t even get a look in and I’d like to think he got brain freeze for being such a goblin.

This of course meant my husband had to ‘Give up’ his remaining ice cream cone to the girls (he was not impressed and I’m pretty sure he mumbled something about ‘divorce’ and ‘bully’.)
The important thing is the girls got ice cream too and enjoyed it, even though it was grudgingly given 😉

And on the was back to the car, we spotted a wishing well (of course I wished for more dogs) the husband accused me of wishing for more dogs and made a wish for a new wife (think he was still feeling disgruntled over the icecream.)

Rosie was so excited to see the car, she peed a little, I think she was tired bless, the dogs hopped in, sat lovely while we belted them in and slept and slept and slept. They actually couldn’t be bothered to get out of the car when we got back to Butterfly Cottage.

And they are still sleeping now…


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