Ambleside Dreams.

Thursday thoughts…

A relaxed slow pace was had today by all. After we persuaded the Pooches to leave the duvet and comfy pillows behind. We had a slow tonder to Cherrydidi in Keswick to meet Zak the Collie and Jess. Zak is a patron of Lake District Mountain Dog Rescue and Border Collie Trust Great Britain. Selling his merchandise brings a needed source of monetary support for these very worth while campaigns. So we jumped on the band wagon and bought a handful of their unique gifts, as every little bit helps.

We then went off in search for a breakfast brunch, locally sourced of course. It was so yummy we not only stuffed our faces but our bellies too, not even sharing one morsel with the Three White Dogs. Oh the horror!

Did we stop there, no we didn’t, we fell into a roast cashew nut entrepreneur and just had to buy a bag (it’s all about supporting the local business you know). Plus they were delicious and the Pooches didn’t get any of them either oopppsss.

Now if you think we got away with this ‘Not sharing with the dogs’ you are so wrong. We had some serious making up to do and what better way to do that than exploring new places.

Ambleside here we come. We’ve never been to Ambleside before and I have no idea why? it was the most beautiful, quaint place we’ve visited. There were lots of unique shops and merchandise. It was also super dog friendly. The dogs were in their element, with lots of attention and fussing from passer bys and shop owners.

One such shop was Rush Clothing Shop where the Three White Dogs minus Pig (because hes in the posh cat hotel) met the lovely Lee Laura Black, who has been following their adventures on Facebook. So there were cuddles to be had all around. Even nervous Rosie was in the moment, loving all of the attention. The husband managed to behave himself and cool the ‘Willie’ puns too but I think that may have been because his eyes were glittering at all the fantastic stuff in the shop around him.

Like all good hardy Geordies though we just had to have a cuppa and further mooch about this country gem, Ambleside. There was photo opportunities around every corner so we were in heaven.

Mr Three White Dogs and a Pig loves Autumn to so you would think we had hit the jack pot. We we had if not for one little thing…

Autumnal game ‘find the poop in the autumn leaves’ nightmare, like really it’s all the same colour. Meaning you end up standing around like some weirdo examining the leaf foliage, like forever.  Dogs poop should change to fluorescent pink or something in autumn, it would be much easier to find. That’s for sure.

Ps: Check out my posh gift bag (I’m easy pleased.)

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