You missed some excitement last night.

The husband thought it would be a good idea to let the dogs out the front of the cottage for a quick wee. Well, the thing is, the cottage is just behind the main high street, down a dark, atmospheric alley way, so not much in the way of lighting. Did I mention it’s just off the main street? 

The alley also has a cash machine at the top (because it’s the main street, and a dark, unlit alley is a perfect place for a cash machine?)

By the way this was about 9.30pm last night. It did all start off well, the Three dogs went their separate corners (or bushes in this case.) Until…

Maggie spotted a couple at the cash machine (now Maggie loves people, people are her favourite thing) so off she went at sprint speed to greet and kiss and love the cash machine people, while totally ignoring my husband’s ‘come back’ and recall commands.

It didn’t stop there though, noooo. Maggie then spotted a ghost tour (of about 30 people) in the main square. So again off she went, hopping on her back two legs, front paws in the air, in her cutest pose to say hello. 

By the time my husband got to the top of the lane (gasping for air like a fish out of water) the square was full of ‘awh, oooo’s, and how cute, along with a ‘and then there was Three’ comment. As of course by this time Willie and Rosie had decided to get into the action too. Me well I stood back a laughed my head off.

Did the drama stop there? No, of course not, as Willie and Rosie got to the square they divided and went separate ways (bless the husband was dumbfounded on which was to go first.)

At this point I decided to pull out the trump card, the ham. Maggie zoomed straight back, looking VERY pleased with herself. Rosie was scuttling not far behind (checking out the ground for any dropped chips on the way) and Willie walked back, next to his dad mirroring his mood back to us in a sulkingly way with matching judgy, grumpy faces. 

The rest of the evening was, well grumpy, as the husband didn’t see the funny side at all and bumped his gums about Maggie never listening to him and those ‘poor people she scared half to death’ (It was a ghost walk, they saw three white apparitions, I think they got value for money, don’t you lol?)

Anyway im pretty sure nearly all of the square were having a right olde giggle (probably at the husbands predicament) and took it in good fun. 

Moral of the story, never forget about westitude, they’ll get you unsuspecting everytime…

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