Goodbye Keswick.

Today was our last day at Keswick but we are making the most of our last few days off work and having a detour to Moffat to visit family.

So we took the Three White Dogs for a last wander around Keswick lakeside. The waterside was eerily silent and there was not a ripple to be seen. We walked the board walk, giggling at the dogs who were memorized with their mirror images on the waters surface.

We stopped for some last minute shopping on the way back to the car and purchased Rosie a new harness (a beautiful purple one, as it was too confusing with two pink ones, when the dogs are off lead.)

And so our journey began, across country, towards Ae forest. With Three White Dogs and a picnic in hand, the fun began. We searched for Bigfoots, paddled in Brooks, took boat loads of photos (and videos) and rolled our eyes as Colin got his ‘daft’ head on to look for pheasants.

The weather was blissful, the walk refreshing and seeing family again is lovely. Rosie and Willie were introduced into the clan officially and Willie even met Willie…

We’ve been watered and fed (too much to be honest). The hospitality is too good here, we are spoilt. The dogs are knackered and huffing because they want to get to bed and tomorrow is another day.

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