Last Chance Wander.

We’ve had our last chance wander through the woodland and grounds of Raehills Estate before we have to acknowledge reality is around the corner, with work and family commitments banging on the door.

We are very lucky to have relatives that love in such a beautiful and serene place, but for them it is not only a stunning place to live but also were they work and its easy to look a other people’s lot with ‘rose tinted glasses on. That being said though living in a rural area isn’t all easy but I bet they wouldn’t change it (I know we’d have a good go at it.)

Certainly as we get older, we find ourselves feeling more recluse and just wanting our own company.  This may sound grumpy or even a tad rude to some but life sometimes gets so busy with work, commitments and people, so for our own sanity we break away for a while. 

Sometimes though it doesn’t matter how much you give, it feels like it’s never enough, with people often struggling to see the whole picture. Sadly, add all of the individual moments together though, can quickly have your whole week taken up. Meaning sometimes you just have to ‘claw’ back time of your own (people’s views can be very singular.) 

But we’ve had a great week (yes, we have thought about turning our phones off at some points, to get peace) but that would be us being a little selfish. I will say the dogs have been a hidden bonus, giving us or making us, put time aside for us (me and the hubby.) A hour walk here, a trip to the beach there, a sneaky coffee outside Costa. You get the picture.

So in many ways the dogs have helped us just as much, if not more than we have helped them. Dogs want nothing, just love. They don’t want money, babysitting, fancy holidays or stuff. They just give love and want love in return.

As the dogs sleep in the back of the car, we travel home in silence, back to reality, back to teenagers, grandsons, nephews, parents, sister’s and work. We know we are lucky to have them all and we love them to bits but we are sad too as life gets too busy and gets in the way sometimes.

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