Braving the Beach.

It was abit chilly this morning with a hint of frost on the air. This didn’t stop the morning walks though as we braved the beach to catch up with our doggy and people friends. 

The weather was blustery, the beach busy and the waves were impressive and impatient, rushing up the beach, playing catch with the tide lines. So much so it very nearly had us swimming. But for all the frosty, windy, autumn weather the sun shone down all morning and we were even blessed with a gorgeous rainbow.
We explored the beach first (And it was busy) the dogs were in their sociable element, with opportunities left, right and centre to meet, greet and play. I’m pretty sure everyone thought it was a westie takeover too, as the seven white warriors set up their strategies to cause as much mayhem as possible. 
The two youngest (Maggie & Baxter) were keen to lead the way and be alpha pooches. Lottie, Skye and Rosie were the mad old ladies, zooming around like fruit loops, loving life and having a ball. Whereas Willie and Luna were all for safety patrol and management. At the end of the walk we were all desparate for a cuppa but the beach was so busy and the cafes chocca that we set off to the lovely Lisa’s for a hot one. 
This resulted in seven dogs out playing in the garden, four adults sharing a hot brew inside, watching the white dogs frolicking about the garden playing. It was bliss. The quiet before the storm you may say (the teenagers arrive home today and work is fast approaching tomorrow.) 

After our tea break though it was back to our own corners of reality. Shopping, guinea pig buying, visiting relatives and lunch.
Lunch… We had a crisp sandwich, like it’s been years since I had one but OMG it was sooo good. Just look at it. Even the dogs were in awe!
You know what’s coming next though don’t you?
1. Walks.
2. Food.

3. Sleep of course…

Now three dogs and one, small sun patch, yep they took turns, basting in the sun. Just look how cute Maggie looks, sunning it, falling asleep, sitting up. How can you not love these adorable balls of fluff 😍😍

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