Halloween Horror.

We arrived home safely yesterday day around teatime and put our coming home blues aside. The dogs were super happy and excited to be home,exploring every part of the garden and rescenting it (Just to confirm that indeed it was theirs.)

We unpacked our bags (while tripped over nosey dogs, with their head stuck in the packaging.) Stuck on a load of washing and begged and borrowed some spare milk off one of my sisters (as we were gagging for a cuppa.)

A hot brew was commenced with the feeding of the pooches and us frantically running around trying to find and dig out our halloween atire.

I am very proud to mention at this point that I successfully managed to avoid being in any of these photographs. We also must admit in our frantic attempt to get ready we forgot to take the alcohol, custard pie and my nephews birthday present (oopps.)

So we arrived at my sisters Halloween party, dressed but empty handed. Now might be a good time to mention I’m abit of a recluse, I’m not really a huge, group of people person. I don’t smoke, very seldom drink (and if I do its usually only one or two), to be honest my thing tends to be food. Which I think is so unfair, as I typically only have to look at food, never mind eat it and I gain an extra chin.

So my demon is food and well…the husband… I’m just going to mention here, that last week, my husband had a dream. He dreamt that he arrived at my sister and her husband’s Halloween party and Stephen (with a ph, my sisters husband) wouldn’t let him in because his costume wasn’t erm? Appropriate and this led to them falling out and having fisty cuffs on the floor (in the dream that is.)

So when we arrived he was a mixture of pride, as every family, has THAT family member (which is my husband) and worry as he wasnt sure how Stephen (with a ph) was going to take it…

Well thank goodness, they had ‘posh’ guests and there was an air of ‘proper’ conduct (not from my husband) as we got in the door with just a roll of the eye, phew!

Now I made a bee line for the baby, so I could hide behind him, sit in the corner and try to disappear, while the husband photo bombed everyone and danced inappropriately behind them. The horror.

And you know what, a great time was had by all. I mean the husband didn’t win the best costume award, you have to think of the children don’t you (yes there was children and Colins costume too 😱)

We pottered home early after the award of best costume was won, not because Colin was in a huge huff (just a small pout) but because the Three White Dogs were home. Sleeping. Snoring their heads off and enjoying the peace. We got the best greeting when we got home from them too and what’s the best way to end a good night.

To have a cuppa of course with snuggles from three white dogs.

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