Monday Blues.

Well at least the dogs are happy to see me tonight…

You can tell it’s Monday and life is back to its usual pants self. With responsibility threatening to the strangle the life out of you and Monday grumps awaiting round every corner.

I try to be a very much glass is half full person and see the brighter side of things but I’m finding it abit hard this evening. So i will start by  trying to list the highlights of the day.

1. I actually understood the punctuation and grammar terminology today in class (and on a Monday morning too.)  Subordinate clauses, prepositions, determiners, past progressive verbs etc etc etc (yeah me 😉).

2. I had a cuppa and a brownie out with a friend.

3. I got a go in a mini monster truck (okay it’s not quite a monster truck but it is cool.

4. I braved ‘fat class’ even though I knew I had put on (and I survived.)

5. I got the best greeting home off the dogs ever (somebody had to as the teenagers weren’t bothered.)

6. I found a great photo of Willie having a bad hair moment at Keswick, which just sums up today for me.

So yeah it’s Monday, woohoo (that’s sarcasm by the way) life’s great. (Yeah whatever, it’s Monday.) I’ve only got another twenty six years until I can retire (if I don’t die before then.)

Oh why couldn’t life be more dog, snoozing in sun spots, walking and exploring in the fresh air, cuddling with your pack and not having ‘people adulty’ stuff to worry about.

I think I’ll have an early night. 😉

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