Pig Cat is Back…

Pig cat is back in the building.

We are suffering the full contempt of Lord Pig Cat the 1st. He has arrived home after a luxurious stay at a feline spa (the cattery). 

He arrived home compete with a magnificent mane, substantial weight gain (he’s been spoilt) and a groomed tail that would impress the Queen.

This however, does not mean pip. We abandoned him, it is irrelevant that it was luxurious, with food on hand at every turn, had a ensuite bathroom, heated bed and his own private lounge complete with log fire. Or even that he would never lower himself to EVER join his dog siblings on a walking holiday!

So, Pig would rather stare out of the window and converse with his reflection than acknowledge our existence.
As for showing any affection or signs that he’s missed us or loves us, you can forget it. (Now we go through this dramatic standoff everytime we leave him.) It can last between two to four days and includes lots and lots of moody pouting.

Don’t panic though, we are prepared, we have tins of tuna and honey ham in abundance. Unfortunately for both Pig and us, we have further insulted his Lordship by grounding him inside the house due to Halloween trick or treat night. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves a steaming s**t in our slippers tonight, just because…

 The Three White Dogs, well they’ve been a little under the weather, we’ve kept them on their leads as much as we could today. Just to slow them down and encourage them to rest a little (We did ALOT of walking last week.) 

But it’s just too cute watching them playing in the autumnal leaves. Maggie even scored a free ball today, as she was rummaging and digging through a leaf mound. Just look at her face, she was well pleased.

The Husband and Willie even had a spot of male bonding, climbing trees and doing their best ‘manly’ poses (👀 eye roll!) The girls meanwhile, didn’t give a hoot about the boarish brutes so they just had a good olde mad girlie chase, chasing each other around in circles, making themselves dizzy. And just when you think there cannot be anymore cuteness…

Rosie pulls her cutest rub my tummy face, awhhh just look at it man!


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