It’s Hump Day…

Or Wednesday if you prefer.

Pig has come home full of torment (And is still holding a grudge.) So much so, he will not entertain us mere humans at all, socialising only with the dogs. This includes latching onto the dogs receiving ham line.

Don’t be fooled, however, into thinking that Pig didn’t have a master plan in doing this mind. As he not only ate his ham but walked along and ate the dogs ham too, as they all sat obediently waiting for permission to eat the said ham (twat.)

Alongside this, we have noticed that Pig has an ‘identity issue’ in which he thinks he is people. Doing such things as; waiting patiently at the table for his meals, expecting the staff (us) to hold open doors for him, he even attends the morning and evening dog walks. Supervising, monitoring and evaluating our trek through the park with the Three White Dogs, secretly judging our every move.

Now this does get a few raised eyebrows from other dog walkers on route. As this patchwork white cat with marshmallow soft fur and huge yellow eyes, follows us, tree to tree and along the fences. Not to mention when he thinks it’s hilarious to wait unsuspecting in the shadows for the dogs to wander by and jump out at them, prancing on his back legs, waving his front paws in the air like a court jester. Thus terrifying the pooches to the point they almost ‘shart’ (shit/fart) their lamb like pants.

It’s especially fun with the dark nights coming in too…

Needless to say, as cute and cuddly as Pig Cat is, he’s a complete prick at times. He has a love/torment relationship going on with his canine siblings and believe it or not the dogs take it. Don’t get me wrong, there has been plenty of times we have worried they wouldn’t all get along. It’s been hard work too, not to mention the fortune we have spent on ham, introducing and modifying behaviours to the point we could have them all in the same room, never mind socialising and sharing ‘kissies’.

This being said we wouldn’t leave the four musketeers alone without supervision. As three dogs is a small pack and dogs are pack animals with instincts and natural behaviours. Plus West Highland Terriers like the chase.

Hence Pig has his own space/room to chill in with a gated entrance. Funnily enough though when Pig does decide he is bored with the canines company, the Three of them mooch and lie about outside his door, mourning for him. You just can’t win!

So what eles exciting is happening, nowt, nothing, a normal Wednesday but check out Rosies new collar.

Gorgeous ain’t it, what batty old lady doesn’t want a super sparkly collar?

And it’s purple too 😍





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