Thunderpants Thursday.

So we have some corker photographs today…

I’ll start with the ‘Mad Old Lady’ aka Rosie also known as ‘thunderpants’. As you know, Rosie won the lottery of alignments, as far as aging gracefully goes, with a combination of Cushings Disease, Westie Lung, IBS and an enlarged heart (oh an not to forget she is practically toothless.) Because of this she takes a colourful rainbow of medication (None of which are covered by insurance as they were pre existing conditions when we rescued/adopted her.)

Sadly, in addition to these we suspect her hearing, eyesight and memory are beginning to deteriate as well. 

This means sometimes she goes full on ‘Mad Old Lady mode, bless. Now we love Rosie to the moon and back and take everyday and every moment, good, bad,or odd in our stride (And every day IS different) and at the back end of twelve years old she can have as many odd days as she likes. 

Some of you at this point maybe thinking twelve years, thats not too bad, Bob down the street is sixteen? Well Rosies Story is a sad one. 

Now, we don’t even know the full details of Rosies life, but I can tell you we have only had her a few months. She was one of our happy accidents. We were fostering her for a rescue and after receiving the news of her further complications and an ever increasing list of medication, a chat with her vet emphasised the need for stability and tlc and did ‘WE’ not have room for her (which of course we did, after rehoming one of the teenagers.)

So, on her adoption, when we registered her identity chip, she had eight previous registered names and owners. We are her ninth (And last.) 

Although, Rosie was very poorly on her arrival at the rescue, she had not had any previous vetinary treatment, was timid and very, very scared. Cowering at every noise, movement and even at her own shadow. To get to where she is now is amazing. She has come on an awfully long way. But For all she has come a long way, age catches up. 

Out on walks Rosie is increasingly relying on her siblings, leaning against them looking for guidance. We have to keep a close eye on her as she sometimes wanders off and forgets where she is or where she is going and lastly she gets startled at some movements and noises. We know we will have to look at a splitter to link Rosie with one of other dogs (for safety) in the future but for now she is loving life.

At home she oft forgets where she’s going or where she is too (especially on an evening) and the trumping, bless her, she can’t walk through a room with cracking a good un off! She could give a steam train a run for their money. She sneezes, she farts. She coughs, she farts. She stretches, she farts. You’re getting the picture right?  The funniest thing though, she trumps off the noisiest gas releases and then looks accusingly at YOU.

But she gives the best smiles (toothless) but super cute, the best cuddles and she’s always happy to see you (with her windy bum, trumping and her wheezy chest whistling) but for as she’s happy and as long as she comfortable She will be here by our side because we LOVE her. 

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