Willies superb aim, pet shop take over and perfect paws.

The past few evenings I have been blogging individually about our Three White Dogs and tonight there will be a piece on the one and only ‘Pig Cat. Excited? 

But we have been up to other things too, so I’ve a spare twenty minutes (which very rarely happens)  so I thought I do a catch up.

Friday was uneventful, with work taking president but we did have a vet appointment booked for our darling Rosie Posey, not because she has been disastrously poorly but just because we wanted to get her checked out. 

After a busy week at Keswick and the weather beginning to chill the air, Rosie has had a sniffle. Now this is nothing new with Rosie with her many ailments but with westie lung disease (WLD) we wanted to get it checked (as the last thing she needs is her breathing restricted even more.)

I’m pleased to say the vet was not concerned at all, she has a slight rasp but she like us thought the chill in the air of late was the culprit. Just to be on the safe side though we are going to shorten the walks a little, add a winter coat and keep her on lead for abit, as we did have a full on week at Keswick and some R&R wouldn’t hurt.

So all in all the visit was a success bar a tiddle on Daddies jeans. Rosie does not much like the vet (nothing personal) but every few months we have to leave her while they take bloods for her Cushings Disease. Anyway a tiddle on daddies, jeans and the floor, sorry Paul ( shop manager) and you only said hi. 

Then of course who could forget the darth vader breathing and constant drooling (out of her non assistant teeth gap) too, which made her look as ‘mad as a box of frog’s’ on the way in but she was a smiling  like a princess on the way out (and another tiddle, sorry Paul.)

Saturday was eventful though, we got stuck in traffic on route, making us nearly late. Rosie decided the middle of a busy road was the perfect place for the most enormous poo in the world (like come on, how am I gonna pick that up, with getting run over by a bus!) I did pick it up btw…

By the time we got to our appointment we had doubled in size, collecting wor lass Lisa and her Three White Dogs, making Six White Dogs and had a full blown sweat on. We continued to overtake Kidd n Snore pet store In Whitley Bay while descending (in an orderly way) on Simply Precious for our order of Chrissy pressies. 

As Lisa went first, I followed with Maggie in tow of course (as Maggie never leaves me) to see what the crack was. Leaving the hubster in the shop with Lord Willie and her royal highness Rosie. Now it took a while for the husband to find a perfect place to stand (away from the cat litter (Willie) and the open basket of chews  (Rosie) or otherwise Kidd n Snore may have have ‘misplaced’ some merchandise. 

Im pleased to say when we swapped places with Lisa her doggies made a beeline for the same yummy treats, so it’s not just my dogs that are little piggies.

Anyway Simply Precious, OMG adorable, she takes prints/imprints of your dogs, pets, children’s paws and makes them into cool stuff like keyrings, charms, plaster moulds, earrings etc. Gorgeous. 

Well I jumped right in with Maggie  to get a paw print (because Maggie will do anything for me.) 

Yeah. Right. Two attempts later and the lady consoling me with ” they are really good, lots of dogs don’t like the feel of it” and the husband sniggering.

Yeah, off you go pal. There’s Willie and Rosies, crack on. Well the jammy bugger. Both perfect. First time. 

He even redid Maggie’s (also perfect first time). Well I’m never living that one down. He’s gonna have a big head for months. So I consoled myself by buying toys for the gang.

We then moved along to Lisa’s for a cuppa after all this excitement and arrived to hers as chick flicks and girly girls arrived (dogs loved this = more love and attention.) So we were invited into the ‘Parlour’  (oooeerrr) for tea. This is were the fun started…

A teenager (Matt, Lisa’s son not a random stranger off the street) decided to join us and the dogs (a teenager, socialising, with adults! Who’d of thought it.) Now have I mentioned before that Willie is a beast, when playing with toys… today was no different. Willie had a ball (a spikey ball, a hard spikey ball) he was shaking it, and chewing it, and throwing it…

You got it, right into the knackers (man bits) of poor Matt. Bless his cotton socks, he hit the floor at fetal position, sobbing and I’m pretty sure there was a few tears too. We (the grown ups) were all crying too. Maybe not for Matt though more at him (sorry but it was a little funny!) As Willie looked at us confused.

I’ll give Matt his due mind, he stayed and carried on playing with the dogs after this (with a high pitched squeaky voice) but he took it like a man… 

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