Thundershirts Are Go.

Yes the Thundershirt is out, not because of fireworks night last night but because Willie is a grumpy hobbit and kept us awake most if the night scratting and chewing on. So much so hes made himself sore. 

But hey did we all survive Bonfire Night ? Did the pooches chill out or traumatise all evening. I know I very much dislike the 5th of November, Halloween, Christmas and New year because of fireworks. Not because we have had hugely reactive dogs (well until yesterday) but because I feel they are dangerous and people are stupid. I personally think they should be banned for public sale and be organised events.  

I’m very aware not everyone will agree with my opinion though but that is all it is opinion. I’m not being judgy or going to burn profiles from facebook because you have a different opinion. It comes down to freedom of choice, I can respect that and would love it if we could not get caught up in an emotional debate over it 😜

The fireworks started around 6pm last night here so we had a ‘pet party’, chucked the volume up on magic fm (80s night) threw together some snacks and got on with it. 

Maggie rocked it like a boss but then we spent alot of time with her last year, when she was a lone puppy. Playing with her in the garden with fireworks going on around her. So she didn’t bat an eye or see what all the fuss was about.

Rosie, well she’s deaf as a post on the best of days, so she didn’t hear owt but she was reactive to Maggie and Willies state of mind. Now if you have one nuts kid and one perfect kid, it’s never the perfect one they copy is it…

Willie, darling Willie, our little lad Willie, what a total diva he was. From the first ‘pop’ he was on red alert, tense as a brick, ears back, snorting, growling, puffing his chest out. Bless poor Rosie who didn’t have a clue as to why he was being such a bouncer so just followed along, almost papping her fluffy pants mid snooze at Willie going bonkers at every sound.

We did spend time with Willie, helping him by correcting his reactions (with ham of course) and it did eventually all calm down outside about 9.30pm and by this time Willie was ready for a sleep. He was all puffed out (well until 01.30am) where he decided to play ‘chew & lick’ for the next four hours. Hence the Thundershirt.

(BTW Pig slept, comfortably, all the way through fireworks night. Well apart from when he dragged himself out of bed for the ham that was being passed about.)

So today, we have Three White Dogs who are not speaking to us as we’ve pulled the winter sweaters out. Now I’m not one for ‘dressing’ dogs up, I’m a little weary of it as Maggie had to have a lump removed from her armpit, which we think was caused by her coat rubbing against her skin. 

This being said, Rosie has a chill = jumper. Willie is sporting the Thundershirt for a few days to stop the nibbling and Maggie is modelling a rather baggy, light material tee to shop her plucking the fur on her thighs  (think it’s the heating irritating her skin, even the apoquel isn’t helping.) 

None of them are happy chappies with us, making sure we can see the hackers they are giving us. They wont even sit on the same couch as us. Huffy buggers.

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