Ragnarok, Thor & Teenagers.

We adondoned you yesterday, did you notice? No? That’s because we put up a few little posts during the day.

We snuck off the the cinema to see Thor, Ragnarok, I may have a tiny crush on him (I mean come on he’s gorgeous.) So we left the Three White Dogs and Pig in the care of my eldest son (20, who’s staying with us this month, while he works locally) and zoomed down to the cinema to get the best seats we could (back, middle.)

I was not lucky enough to enjoy the naked torso of Thor alone though and had to tow the husband and youngest son with me, meaning I had to keep my drooling to a minimum, life is so unfair.

On return home though it seemed we had not indeed left the dogs in the care of my eldest son but had actually left the dogs in care of him. The benches and fridge looked like a world famine had occurred while we were away. Pretty much all of my cutlery and plates were stacked up like a Jenga game in the sink and the floor was sticky (now I did feed them before we went out) but they were ‘Starving’ and ‘needed’ something to eat. They obviously do not understand the workings of a kitchen by the lack of tidying up mind.

So today, back to the shops for MORE bread, milk, fruit etc etc. Mumbling manically to myself ‘when I was young’, while also considering buying a lock for the kitchen door (I didn’t, but I was close) I came upon the brilliant idea of a… wait for it… rota!

That will sort them out (Ha! sniggers the voice in my head). This is why I have dogs and cat, they are so much more easier and more appreciative and loving than teenagers. Teenagers are bloodsucking, money using, smell festering zombies with a lack of social skills.

I mean did you see the frost this morning in the garden, beautiful wasn’t it. Autumn is definately here, with winter beginning to embrace it. Oranges, browns and yellows on the trees, with the leaves rustling and crisping on the paths. No not to teenagers, urgh, messy, urgh, brown, urgh drag feet down path with knuckles following behind…

Phfffttt, at least the dogs love me! At least the dogs love the autumnal scenery and playing in leaves. It’s our favourite time of year. Willie even found the guy from fireworks night, stuck in a tree and posed next to it for a photo, while the girls wandered off to find something more interesting (just aswell it wasn’t a real murderer or anything trying to kill me, thanks chaps!)

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