The Wonders of Wor Willie.

It’s Friday the 3rd of November. Yeah, happy dance, we all live for the weekend here (more time to spend with the dogs.)

Today is all about Willie though. Our little lad and he has been our lad from the moment he allowed not only himself to love us but us to love him. That very moment when he put his trust in us. The moment that set off the chain reaction to him and my husband falling head over heels in love.

Willie And I, however was a slow and steady burn and that’s fine, when a connection between a dog and a people happens it’s a beautiful thing. There will always be that deep bond between them. My husband being Willies go to guy, as he is very much Colins dog.

This being said the dog I see and experience now, is a very different dog who first came to us. Willie came tough, streetwise, people weary and with trust issues. He would not tolerate touch, was always trying to be in control and uber dominant. To the point of being almost feral.

Don’t get me wrong, when Willie arrived on our door step as a foster dog, he had not long been neutered (So was full of manly hormones.) He had been obviously been a domestic pet at some point as he had a microchip, basic commands and some social skills. Sadly though you couldn’t so much move towards him, without him baring his teeth and verbally letting you, not to go there.

This may have been because he was found roaming the streets by the dog warden, eating vermin and rummaging through bins. Or due to previous misfortunes he had encountered but he was the ‘mafia dog’ strutting his stuff, playing boss. I’m pleased to say this did not last long at all, as the husband aka ‘the ginga dog whisperer’ accepted the challenge straight away.

Poor Willie didn’t know how to take this at first, oft trying to regain control (And losing) and it didn’t happen overnight and at times was not pleasant for either my husband or Willie, indeed there was one physical correction, where my husband had to put Willie in a submissive hold (awkward) but worked.

There is absolutely no doubt now who is boss though (and it’s not Willie) and you know what he’s happier for it. A different dog. Over the past few months the change is unbelievable. Willie is extremely loving, looking for cuddles, kisses and places to lapdog. His favourite place is on the back of the couch, around your neck. We are definately ‘HIS’ people and God help any burgler,who tries to enter here, cos he’s still ‘mafia dog’.

The biggest surprise (Don’t tell anyone) he’s a softy. A big cuddly baby. A woose. He crys when you clean the sleep out his eyes, hides from the brush and is scared of the dark. He is a big soft sh*te.

To hear him play mind, you’d think he was a vicious bugger as he guffs, growls, grunts and makes a chorus of gutteral noises. Then theres the bedtime routine of suckling and snorting under the covers, looking for a space where he can touch both of us, while also being safe from the skin peeling bedtime monster.

So we have a dog that is a little broken but still good, that has learnt to love again and paid us back tenfold.

What’s better than that.

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