Baths, Babygrows, Bars & Bedtime.

What a hoot we’ve had and we managed to snap a few funnies on the camera too.

It started with the postman, delivering our latest purchase for Willie. You see Willie has managed to get himself in a right olde pickle this past few weeks. It started with a little nibble, moved onto a nibble and the odd scrat, then bam we had full blown anarchy. Biting, scratching, plucking, cortorting himself inside-out to scratch that ‘itch’.It just got a bit ridiculous to be honest.

There was no rhyme or reason, no dry skin or marks, we haven’t changed diets or washing detergent or anything. The only thing we can think of is the heating. The past week we have started to boost the heating now and then. So armed with 4mg of piriton and a thundershirt we tried to keep it under control to no avail.

Dah Da, arrival of one suitical recovery suit (because you can’t lift one of those up and chew yourself to baldness.) Well what can I say, Willie hates it is probably a understatement. He despises it. To the point he refuses point blank to move when we put it on him. Actually I’m pretty sure he’s traumatised wearing it and he can’t make his mind up wether he hates the gap his tail goes in or the lack of gap for his pee pee more. Needless to say we will not be putting it on him again (but just look how cute his bum is.)

Once we had packed away the ‘torture’ device, we got on to the everyday stuff, running a bath for the little ones (the nephew & grandson.) Now isn’t it funny how when you run a bath the dogs evaporate from sight. Not that the bath was for them mind. So as they all hid in their favourite hiding places (I know where they all are) I busied myself with getting the littlies sorted.

This was just too much for Maggie who adores the younger members of our family though. She just couldn’t help herself and had to come and investigate to make sure they were okay (as the bath is another torture device we have here.)

On thoroughly checking the bathroom and the safety of the infants, Maggie did eventually give her seal of approval (kisses over the side of the bath) and then strategically placed herself on the bathroom floor where she could supervise my bathing of the children, while she slept (no pressure there then!) Maggie continued to supervise me looking after the children as I dried them , covered them with talc and dressed them in their pjs. She was a proper nanny dog. Bless.

By the time the visitors had left though the Three White Dogs and a Pig were starving Marvin but Pig was in ‘one of those moods’.

You know the ones, he was being a right class clown. Deliberately sitting on the kitchen chair above the dogs so he could ‘bat’ their ears with his paws as they passed. Pushing his head through the bars, teasing the dogs and being a right old worky ticket. The Dogs took this in good fun mind, joining in, running around the legs of the chair gruffing at him and teasing him back. So a good time was had by all.

Certainly they were all pooped after tea. I mean Rosie was awake one moment, asleep the next. Her sleeping position couldn’t have been the most comfortable either. Indeed all of three white dogs found a sleeping spot (or person) and snored their little heads off the rest of the night.

So who knew a nice, normal day could be so entertaining (or torturous) depending on wether you are people or dog. 😃

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