We’re Going on a Bear Hunt…

We’re Going to find a big one…

Nope, we didn’t find anything, well apart from the weekend because it’s my favourite day. FRIDAY!

Now anyone would think I hate my job, I don’t, I actually really enjoy it but work is work. I mean come on I’ve been dreaming about retiring early for a few years now but then Ive worked since I was sixteen years old.

It hasn’t helped that since my mums sudden death, I have convinced myself that I too am going drop down dead suddenly at sixty.

This would leave me less than twenty years to live out my fantatical ideas of a perfect life. Well that’s if I wasn’t so convienced that I will never reach my retirement that I dreamily plan at least once a day (I think I’m safe to say I’m slightly broken following the loss of mum.)

Anyway I do like my job (nearly said love but eeww it’s work) certainly I’ve been doing it for twenty five years so I must like it. I mean take today, not only have we been talking and doing poetry on remembrance day but we have also had/done our own remembrance service.

So, Yes I have days of being all impulsive, throwing my bra out the window and applying for that outrageous job, with the diabolical wages, so I can gloat and rub my successfulness into the faces of the snooty people or doubters I’ve come across in my life but…

Life is too short, I’d rather have my meager pay, short shifts and lesser responsibilities. I’d rather have quality time at home with my family, my husband, my children, my dogs, cats, sister’s, grandchildren and  friends.

I’ve seen the light, these things come first and formost. Work is work. So I’ll keep buying my lottery tickets and planning my fantastic early retirement (Which is never going to happen unless I win the lottery.)

But, while also waiting for this fantastical lottery win, I’ll keep my life balanced through my husband and the Three White Dogs and a Pig. Like many other families these balls of fluff often keep us sane (or at least stop us suffocating the husband and teenagers when they are being total tools.)

And, today was no different, which is just not good enough. So on our no different dog walk I shook it up abit…

I took a different path. A different way…

We went on a Bear Hunt (and found nothing at all) but it was good fun all the less. Sometimes little shake ups in life or monotonous routines is all it takes. Like mayonnaise instead of tomato sauce, Roast potatoes instead of chips, you get the idea.

Well this different path did just that, the white dogs’ eyes grew wide with not just shock but excitement. As they expectantly looked up at me whispering ‘really can we mummy, really? While then bounding off like a trio of mad hatters through the trees and bushes on given permission. They frolicked, explored, sniffed and played for ages through the paths and trails too (I didn’t think that out with my delicate pumps on but they’ll wash up.)

Willie got wind of a weasel, Rosie stuck her head in the bush,looking for said weasel, returning with a head full of cobwebs, stickyballs and spiders (eewww dad sorted that when we got home!) Maggie leapt and volted over falling tree stumps and branches (while Willie cocked his leg over each and everyone of them.) We all had a great time and I bet you know what they are doing now…

Yep sleeping.

So it’s Friday, rock it up abit, you may really enjoy it. #lifestooshort#

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