DIY, Three White Dogs and a Pig.

Daddy has been busy in the garden today. The Three White Dogs and a Pig do not know how they feel about this. They feel like they should be excited as it is something new, while on the other paw they feel daddy is probably up to something that is most likley going to stop their fun and mischevious deeds. The later of this thought process is indeed correct.

Daddy is indeed on a mission to rein in the Three White Dogs and a Pigs mischevious streak. Thus enabling him to not spend so much time in the garden, checking up on the little blighters by installing a gate to deter their curiosity of following Pig behind the shed and into the mystical forest behind the said shed.

So Daddy has pulled out the big boy toys and has planned his diy project to the millimetre. The dogs are intently watching him (while also silently judging him) and Pig is sneakly mooching around the sidelines in preparation to squeeze into any box or unauthorised area available to him.

Daddy is of course totally oblivious to this underlying potential chaos surrounding him. Mummy of course is on it, watching through the kitchen window, ready to dive in a save the day as it all goes horribly wrong.

I’m pleased to say I intervened before it all went horribly wrong. I drew the line at Maggie trying to run away with daddies saw, Willie munching on his tape measure and Rosie trying to push her head through tight gap in the almost made gate. Pig was nowhere to be seen, suggesting maybe he had indeed found that unauthorised area to squeeze into (I will check the husband’s tool box before he puts it away later.)

So mummy took the dogs (and daddy) for a wander. We played in the leaves, walked the winding paths, romped through the farmers corn fields (cropped obviously) and had a great olde time but…

can you find the third white dog (I know it’s a bit obvious, but it’s cute.)

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