The Ball Thief and His Comeuppance.

Its no secret we adventured to the beach this morning with the dogs. Neither is it secret that the beach was baltic, bordering on sub zero, but we did brave the coast.  

The waves were quite spectacular with the wind blowing a blustery gail and although it was exceptionally cold the sun was shining making the coastal scenery a beauty to behold.

Of course when you put wind into anyday it brings about lunatic children and animals. This morning was one such day. The dogs ran, played and frolicked on the sand, having a ‘mad half an hour’. The beach was surprisingly busy considering the bitter wind. This did not phase the Three White streaks of terror though, as they greeted and played happily with their new found friends along the beach.

Well, that is until Willie spotted a black Labrador. With a tennis ball. Playing with his owner in the surf. Now if im fair its normally Maggie who is the ball thief, snatching balls from unsuspecting victims. Today, However, the glint lit up in Willies eyes…

There was no calling the little sod back either. Willie had a plan of action and he was going for it. Unfortunately for Willie though he didn’t think out his plan that well. 

As the owner threw the black Labradors ball into the receeding tide, Willie went hell for leather for it (did i mention the wind and wild surf earlier?) Sadly as Willie got to the tennis ball, the receeding tide was not receeding anymore. It had in actual fact caught up with Willie, catching at his heels, into a very large wave (larger than Willie.)

Well, it came crashing down upon Willie and the Ladrador. Thrashed Right over Willies head, dunked him into the freezing water and profusely spat him out again.  Leaving a very bewildered and stunned Willie on the same, dripping wet and shivering. 

I have to say in this thirty second drama, I did get a flashback of Willies whole life before my eyes, as I panicked at the thought of him being dragged by the tide into the sea to be lost to us forever. But once my brain registered his sodding, stunned looking face and body firmly planted on the sand, I had a chuckle. I may even have mumbled “serves you right, you ball thief.” Under my breath.

Funnily enough after this horrific event, Willie was happy enough to leave the Ladrador (and his chuckling owner) to continue the game with his tennis ball. Actually it was the quickest retreat we’ve ever had back to the car. Come to think of it I think Willie was the first one to jump into the car and snuggle into his blanket.

Safe to say I don’t think he’ll be so keen next time and will probably leave the ball stealing to Maggie in the future.)

*We have took our own balls to the beach, this however is not acceptable as the dogs only want balls that are not theirs!

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