I’m beginning to think Willie maybe having a mantrum and need some manpons (as lets face it if men can joke about such things, we can too.)  

Willie has been a right tool today.  

Hes completely ruined his good behaviour record and reverted into a proper street brat. Huffing, puffing, gruffing and doing daft naughty things, like running off on his walk to follow a jack Russell just to prove he was indeed more ‘manly’ than him. 

He did sloped back to us eventually (on his own time) and He knew he’d been naughty aswell, as he lolled his head low, looking rather embarrassed with himself. He even sat at my feet while I attached his lead and he walked like a perfect prefect at my heels for the rest of the ramble. And we actually found a judgy tree to further condemn his naughty boy behaviour on our travels too haha.

Thus, Willie has continued to mooch around the house, full with remorse too. Again he just knew when daddy came in he was shamed, staring forlornly over his brow at his dad, with the saddest most regretful look I’ve ever seen.

So he’s on a time out. No comfy couch for him to lie on. He’s on the floor (Willie doesn’t do dog beds, no idea why, he just doesn’t?) But Daddy sayes he has to earn the couch back.

So when Rosie had a ‘brain fart’ and decided it was okay to chase the cat, Willie joined in. Like come on. I don’t think so! (infront of daddy too, UH OH!)  We now have two dogs on time out.

So Pig (who is unhurt btw and totally okay) and Maggie have had lots of ham and treats. While Willie and Rosie looked on horrified. They are both feeling very sorry for themselves (and have convienced themselves they are starving to death) so have put themselves to bed together.

Of course dogs live in the moment and the naughty moment has passed. So there’s no point in discipline or carrying on with timeouts but Willie and Rosie have decided themselves to be all moody, forlorn and sorry for themselves. So I’m letting them get on with it. Bless.

In the meanwhile Maggie and I are shopping for new winter coats as her one from last year is way too small (and she looked ridiculous today in it.) 

This is frustrating in itself though. Why does a dog need a hood?  I mean come on, theres no way mine would be happy wearing a hood. They like to use their ears for listening. So what’s the hood for? Fashion? And why are ones without hoods a) hard to find and b) expensive.

I just want a light weight dog coat that I can put a harness over (if I want.) I don’t need a Parker jacket, duffel coat or quilted bomber jacket (the dogs would sweat like pigs in blankets.) Closest I’ve found to what I want is a Canada Pooch Pac a Mac RRP £35. Yeah I’ll go on eBay, it’ll be cheaper there…

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