Tia Maria.

We met the beautiful Tia this afternoon. A gorgeous staffy cross puppy a friend of ours recently got, following the loss of her old chap.

The meeting went really well. The dogs had never met before and were very interested in the small bundle cuddled up in her mummies coat.

Colin of course went straight in for the smooches, taking Tia into his arms and sitting down to supervise the grand introduction.

After alot of sniffing, tail wagging and licking, we all took a relaxed breath as they played nice. Tia even got confident enough to try and put Willie in his place with a grunt and gruff. This caught our tough old, rough and ready Willie by surprise. You’d think he’d been slapped by a wet fish bless and didn’t know wether to run and hide or or take the telling like a man (soft shite he is!)

Maggie took the new addition as she does most things, full of tail wagging and confidence. You could see the excitement at the possible new playmate crossing her eyes, full of mischief.

Rosie although excited, didn’t know what to do with herself. She really wanted to play, her bum wiggling ten to the dozen but didn’t quite know how to go about it. In the excitement though all she managed to do was to get herself into a little coughing fit.

So a positive meet and greet, with the ginga ninga version of Ceaser Milan on stand by and of course Tia fell straight in love with him (typical.) And when Tia went home…walks, babies and sleep of course.

Willie even tried (and lost) today to chase another dog on the walk like he did yesterday. Wrong move. Daddy was with us. Willie is feeling very sorry now as daddy put him straight in his place.

They are of course on speaking terms again now, so life at home can commence and Willie can put his manpons away 😜

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