Name A Wednesday.

It’s mid-week, Wednesday. Now depending who you are in the house today, will depend on your Wednesday Title. 

For instance if you are the Three White Dogs it would be ”Weary Wednesday’. The teenagers ‘Whatever Wednesday. Pig ‘Wandering Wednesday and me and the husband… ‘Why is it only Wednesday?’

This is because we are all in different phases of the week. The dogs couldn’t understand why they had to get out of bed this morning. They are tired. It’s cold outside. There’s a nice warm, comfy bed. Hence Weary Wednesday.

For the teenagers, nothing has changed, nothing at all actually (for the last three years) everything is met with a shrug of the shoulders and the preverble ‘Whateva’ grunt and roll of the eyes.

Pig is up to his usual, gallavanting around the garden, stalking the Magpies. Sadly, he doesnt realise it is actully them teasing and tormenting him (the clever birds they are.)

Lastly me and the husband. Why is it only Wednesday? God knows. It feels like it should be Friday. The last Friday of the universe. Why oh Why are our lives so busy? When is it our time…

Safe to say it’s Hump day. That day during the week, where you can almost see the weekend. Thank goodness. 

It has been made a little better though. Mr Three White Dogs and a Pig bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the new P!nk CD. Just Because (he’s a keeper.) He even bought white roses and Irises, two of my favourite flowers. Flowers that remind me of my brother, who is no longer with us. 

Which is apt as did you know November is blue for Diabetes month. Diabetes was one of the major players in the loss of my brother. 

He was diagnosed at eleven years old (insulin dependant) and this was catastrophic to his young life. Bringing on a severe stroke at the age of thirty one, leaving him incapacitated, unable to speak, move or care for himself. He went on to live for another five years in a nursing home following the stroke but died in hospital from organ failure after he was admitted with a broken femur and was not strong enough to recover.

My brother was and is one of my biggest role models. In times of hardship, he never gave up. After his stroke he not only lost the use of his body and speech but lost his home and family too. His wife left him, denying access to his son. He never faltered. Never stopped fighting. Never gave in to the black dog. He always had a smile. His heart broke and he carried on.

And now he is with mum. They are together. The way it should be.

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