I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

This is a phrase used often by many. It is also very apt for today’s blog. The beginning of which I wrote this morning, while very upset. So for that I am sorry. For those of you that know me and my husband, you know this is not our way. Those who are just getting to know us. I would describe us as ‘Good, nice, honest people’.

Yes like most of humanity we get things wrong, act or say things on impulse, not thinking through how it may impact on others. Then There’s the old ‘you can’t like or get on with everyone’ which is also true but how go you make the decision ‘ I’m going to hurt this human being and I’m okay with it?

What kind of human being threatens to take happy, loved and cared for dogs away? What kind of person thinks it’s okay to slander and demoralised another person’s being. Who would think it is okay to bully, call and try to control others decisions. To penolise them and hurt them when they disagree with you? Who would tell someone who they can and cannot speak to? Who would think this is okay?

So, I write this post with such a heavy heart. I am so sad. That in humanity today, there is still such people. That caring and compassion has been lost to narcissism and black tainted souls full of hatred.

Have we not loved our dogs? Have we not paid adoption fees in full. Paid for vetinary bills, when others have not fulfilled their financial obligations. All without complaint and slander. Did we not turn the other cheek as our reputation was corrupted by false truths and friends were poisoned with doubt and mistrust.

My heart is heavy today and the saddest thing. A simple statement from my husband.

“it puts you off supporting animal organisation’s, puts you off adopting from them, for the sh*t you get off them. I don’t think I will ever adopt from a rescue organisation again.”

Anyone who knows my husband, knows his love for animals paramount. We have always, volunteered, donated and homed rescue animals (for aslong as I can remember.) My husband was/is my role model, a total advocate for animals and I never thought in my whole days I would hear such a statement from him.

For every tale you hear, there is always another side. Don’t make judgement on a story, an opionion. Rise above it. The truth is out there. And for the next person, who is victimised, who doesn’t conform or agree. For every one bully there is ten decent, friendly lovely people.

I considered leaving facebook this morning as I wrote the above blog. I thought about not writing anymore and for that I’m sorry too. I’ve been at the Beach this morning with work and the beautiful thing about the Beach is the perspective it gives you in life.

If I can make one person’s day lighter, help one person smile, I will continue. I Am a good person. We ARE good people. I will not let one person’s narcisstic personality win.

I am sorry.
I’m sorry I didn’t get a westie sooner.
I’m sorry I never got to say goodbye to my brother or had more time with my mum.
I’m sorry I cannot help more animals in need.
I’m sorry I’m not perfect and get things wrong. Im sorry for many things.
I’m NOT sorry for loving my family including the Three White Dogs and a Pig.
And I’m not sorry for trying to be a better person each day.

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