Brush It Off And Carry On.

I want to take this opportunity to firstly say I feel very honoured to be apart of this wonderful (new) community/group. I was really nervous about my blog yesterday as not only was it a uncomfortable topic that upset me but also because ‘venting my spleen’ as they say is not our way. We are very much to ourselves people, who try to avoid gossip or causing upset to others. As such we have deliberately avoided talking about the unpleasantness of that one such person.

Your support last night following the post though astounded me. Never have I seen so many positive comments or posts. I am humbled and very lucky to have you all here. Thank you for being there in my ‘wobble’ moment. Thank you for being so understanding. I wrote the first bit of the blog feeling alone. I do not feel alone anymore.

Now of course my husband is full of ‘I told you so’ and ‘I knew It’ and so forth (because he’s psychic apparently) and is gloating in his own big headedness. So I’m getting back on it, while I leave him to enjoy this one win (saddo.)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s Friday, I like Fridays. We are normally child free. Well other people’s children free (We still have our own blood suckers). It also means two days off work, which also fills me with joy. That being said we are boring people so won’t go as far to ‘go out’ on a Friday night, preferring the company of the dogs.

I’m pretty sure the dogs can emphatically sense Friday’s too (because it’s one of the three days a week we aren’t grumpy.) Well that and daddy pulls out the frying pan and makes the Three White Dogs and a Pig scrambled egg with bacon. As lets face it our pets are spoilt rotten. I mean the husband puts the heating on for them when It gets cold (everyone eles gets melted with a death stare it they even think about clicking the heating on.)

It’s not only me that comes to life on a Friday either. Daddy is resurrected from the dead. He smiles and is cheerful and stuff. He engages in long walks with smiles and conversation, rather than his work people repel frown. It’s like watching a grumpy bear come out of hibernation. He even sent me a text at work with not only a photo saying “I’ve broke the dogs” but with kisses on the end too. It was almost like affection 😜

It’s just aswell he ‘broke’ the dogs too as I adondoned them this afternoon to do people things like get my hair done. Now I’ve given up with trying to cover the white (not grey) hair as I’m now almost completely white (thanks dad) so I just go with the flow adding platinum, blonds and white to try and blend it all in 😳

I then further abandoned the Three White Dogs and a Pig to meet up and do coffee for a catch up with a close friend. A good friend who I met not long ago, through volunteering. We had a good giggle and laugh, bumped into him who should not be named. Talked and planned to the moon. Just abit of normally to the madness of the past few days. Then it was back to my loves, my family, two legged and four legged.

There’s nothing better than that four legged greeting as you come in the door. The waggy bums. It makes everything all worth it.

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